How To Know If You Have A Bulging Disc

By: Katie Lisbon CCCA, CPLC

To understand what a bulging disc is we must first understand the basic anatomy of the spine. Located between each of the vertebras of the spine are concentric rings made from cartilage and other materials known as discs. These discs provide a cushion between the vertebrae, preventing them from grinding against one another while your spine is moving. 


If you receive a diagnosis of a bulging disc, it means that a portion of one of your intervertebral discs is protruding past the outer edge of the vertebra. When this happens, there is a greater likelihood the disc will press on a nerve or other surrounding tissue. While bulging discs are common and have the potential to cause debilitating pain, they often remain asymptomatic.

A bulging disc can be a result of a sports injury or other traumas such as a bad fall or car accident. In some cases, regular aging can cause a bulging disc. This occurs when the outer portion of the discs weakens and the pressure from the center of a disc stretches to the outer perimeter, resulting in a bulging disc.


Symptoms of a bulging disc begin when the disc puts pressure on nerves in your spine. Almost 90% of bulging discs occur in the lumbar region of the back. In certain cases, pain can radiate from that area to your hips, buttocks, legs, and down to your feet. If a bulging disc occurs in your cervical spine, you may notice pain radiating downward from your neck through your arms and to your fingers. In a worst-case scenario, a bulging disc can cause severe pain that almost limits mobility completely.


Chiropractic treatment for a bulging disc may include gentle spinal adjustment. Here at Rosenberg Chiropractic we use the latest technology is Chiropractic care called the Ultralign Instrument. Our Ultralign instrument delivers a gentle and effective adjustment through the means of percussion without the cracking and popping. By scheduling a New Patient Exam our doctors will help you identify if the source of your pain is a result of a bulging disc and provide you with a customized  treatment plan for maximum results. 

Chiropractic medicine is a conservative approach to pain relief and correction. While most patients feel relief from pain symptoms within a few visits, it will require several sessions to ensure the disc is successfully back to where it needs to be. 

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