Recapture The Joy In Your Job

By: Katie Lisbon CPLC

How often have you found yourself in a state of frustration and you believe the source of all your frustration to be your job? Its understandable, we do invest most of hours in the day to our profession. Here are some helpful tips to aid you in working through the frustration and recapturing the joy in your job. 

Recognize The People Around You

We are all social beings and we are all influenced by the people around us. Be the one to set the tone by sharing positivity that lights up your office. When you walk in and start the morning off with a positive attitude it will be noted and shared with the people that work the closest to you. If you’re going to be an influence, let it be with kindness, let it be with a smile. Let me emphasize, there is a difference between being happy and being positive. We can still possess a positive outlook and attitude without being overly happy and excitable.

You never know what your fellow comrades are going through, why should your personal struggles be broadcasted louder than theirs. We are all familiar with the popular phrase there’s no “I” in team. Your team is just as reliant on you as you are of them to make it a positive and productive day. 

Collaboration and communication can be just as important as the attitude you bring to work. Most hardship and frustration stems from a miscommunication or lack of communication with each other. 

Build each other up! Recognition and small compliments go a long way with your team mates. It says to them I notice you and I appreciate you. Together you will feel like much more got accomplished when you work together as a team and share appreciation for each other for all that each one of you contributed.

Ask Yourself What Are Your Customers Getting Out Of It

Maybe your frustrations are stemming from the type of work you’re doing. Maybe your current job is not what you saw yourself doing at this point in your life. But lets break this down, most positions are about offering a service. Regardless of the product/service provided the most common denominator is “the customer” and their experience. Rediscover the joy in your job by taking a different perspective, the perspective of the customer, by providing them a pleasant experience and delivering them a product/service they need. You are making a difference in your customers’ day and helping them with their needs. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease spending your hard earned dollars if the person assisting you invested a little added effort to ensure you were having a pleasant experience?

Keep Your Work Space Clean and In Good Repair

The environment that surrounds you at your employment can also influence your feelings of frustrations. If your surroundings are not in good repair this can breed doubt and fears that your employer is not doing well. Leaving the employee to feel like their efforts are not matched with a return on investment. What happens then….the employee want to stop putting in as much efforts, leading to a domino effect. Think about this, what happens when you have something shiny and new, you try to preserve it and take really good care of it. What happens when it gets worn out or breaks. You could really care less about how its treated.  The same can be said for your work space. If it is always maintained, neat, and in good repair, you will continue to care for it and preserve its integrity. But if its ignored, mistreated, dirty, and in bad repair, it will continue to be to get worst and worst as will your frustration.

Leave It At The Door 

Balance between work and home life is extremely important. Individuals not feeling fulfilled in their jobs are most likely dragging the disappointment home. In turn, you’re never really leaving the office. Just as we shouldn’t let our personal troubles affect our work, work should also not consume your home life. The door swings both ways. We all know the most valuable thing we posses is our time. In order to maintain a proper balance and overall wellness, an individual has to enjoy their downtime. When you are free from the workday, decompress, relax, have fun, and reconnect with your love ones.

Enjoy Your Time Outside The Office

Really enjoy it! When an individual is feeling burn out, over worked, or just plain frustrated, there is usually too high of a demand for your attention and energy. It’s time to breakaway and do something that recharges your mind and your body. Individuals in this state are not going to deliver their best quality of work anyways, so why continue to scrape the barrel. By really enjoying your time out of the office you will feel more fulfilled not only in your day, but in your life. You will walk into your next shift with a new found confidence and the energy to accomplish much more.

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