The Ultralign is a revolutionary new technology used by Doctors of Chiropractic to accurately measure and treat health disturbances related to the spine and nervous system.

Analysis / Treatment

By using the Ultralign, we are equipped to provide you with the most advanced Chiropractic technology in existence today. This cutting-edge tool is an advanced Chiropractic instrument for both spinal analysis and spinal adjustment.

The system is driven by a sophisticated software package, designed to help us comfortably and accurately locate and treat spinal problems.

What Should I Expect to Feel?

When we place the instrument over the spine, a barely perceptible impulse is introduced into the vertebrae by a computer sensor. You feel only a “light click” when this is done. The response is instantaneously reflected back to a piezoelectric crystal and sent to the computer for interpretation. This gives us valuable information about the characteristics of the vertebrae and tissues in ways that could never be done before. We use this information to help determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Treatment is delivered to the body through the same sensor head that is used for assessment. During the treatment phase, we apply the instrument over the spine or other areas of your body. You feel a light tapping sensation that continues for several seconds until the desired response has been achieved. The computer automatically ends the treatment the moment your tissues have responded.

What Makes the Ultralign Superior to Other Approaches?

The Ultralign can help your doctor isolate a problem area faster and more precisely than can be done manually. It uses space age technology to determine if each spinal vertebra is in proper alignment, so the nervous system is free to effectively transport nerve impulses throughout your body. The Ultralign uses the same type of technology that allows engineers to determine weakness and stress in the walls of spacecraft.

How Does it Compare to Traditional Adjustments?

Treatment with the Ultralign puts all your fears of manual Chiropractic treatment to rest. The Ultralign is gentle, with no popping or cracking sounds. It offers treatment that is on target, precise and easy on the body every time.

How Can the Ultralign be so Gentle?

The Ultralign utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It is able to increase mobility of the spinal vertebrae by reducing or eliminating the fixations. It makes use of soft tips, which are comfortable to the human body, to exert a tapping force that decreases local muscle tension and “unsticks” the joint. It is comfortable and precise, and occurs faster than the muscles can contract in response to the test.

The Ultralign was created and is sold by Sigma Instrument Methods.